There are two basic types of well pumps.

Submersible Pumps
The electric motor and the pump are installed as one unit in the well. Submersible well pumps are long cylinders usually 4 inches in diameter and 2 to 4 feet long. An electric cable is attached to the motor, and a pipe comes up the well from the pump into the home.

To ensure that water supply is reliable, submersible pumps may be set hundreds of feet beneath the water in a well. When the well pump switches on, the motor runs and turns a series of impellers that push water up out of the well. Compared to a Jet Pump the Submersible pump is more energy efficient and allows for better water pressure in your home. They are also much quieter than jet pumps.

Jet Pumps:
Unlike Submersible pumps, the motor and pump are not in the well but are usually close to the well in a basement or utility room. Jet pumps work by pumping water under pressure through an ejector into a discharge pipe coming up from the well. As the jet of high pressure water is forced into the discharge pipe, it creates a vacuum and causes water to be drawn from the well.

Back at the surface, some of the water is piped to your home plumbing and some is routed back to the ejector to raise more water from the well. Shallow well jet pumps have the jet assembly directly attached to the pump and are not effective at depths below 25 feet but have the advantage of having no working parts down the well, so they can be used in narrow diameter wells. Due to the inefficiencies of jet well pumps they utilize more electricity than submersible well pumps.

Today’s well systems are much smarter than the original systems. We offer a number of options for homeowner who is tired of low pressure or a low yielding well.

There's nothing worse than enduring a shower with low water pressure. Boost your shower power with a constant pressure system. Whether you have city water or a private well system,  Bennett and Cole has a constant water pressure system for your home.

Upgrading Your Water System

If your well is similar to the BEFORE drawing, with an old style tank and/or a pit housing, the well head below the surface, call us about an upgrade that can be much more sanitary, efficient and in compliance with state and local codes.  If you have a jet well pump, we can replace it with a quiet & efficient submersible well pump.  Jet pump systems can lose prime when the well water is drawn down too far.  Submersible pumps never need priming.  Ask us about the additional benefits.

Older pressure tanks do not have air to water separation.  When the air mixes with water or escapes, the tank waterlogs. This will cause your pump to short cycle or run constantly which can cause the pump to wear out or fail prematurely.  We can install a diaphragm-style tank to assure you of a much longer pump life and eliminate water logging problems.  The marketability, livability and value of your home are greatly improved.

Some customers long for the days of city water pressure while using a private well. Bennett and Cole can accommodate your need for better and more even pressure with a Constant Pressure System.

A Constant Pressure solution can provide you with an even, steady flow of water even if several faucets are open at the same time!

Enjoy full and steady water pressure in the  showers, at the sinks,  the dishwasher and clothes washer, even if the lawn sprinkler is running or someone is washing the car! If you are replacing your pump or need an upgrade to your current system, Bennett and Cole can assist you in finding the best constant pressure system to meet your needs.

Constant Water Pressure is what multitasking is all about. It can be applied to most well water systems. Bennett and Cole installs the most advanced well water products available. Call Bennett and Cole today for a free evaluation and estimate.

Advantages of a Constant Pressure System

  • Worry free “city-like” water pressure from most wells
  •  Automatic increased pump output on demand
  •  Protection against the pump running dry
  •  Increases the livability of your home
  •  Adds value to your home
  • Constant Pressure Systems maintain your water pressure regardless of water consumption, adding value to your home and improving your lifestyle.

Water Harvesting Systems
Bennett and Cole realizes no two wells are alike. In some situations, wells become very low producing causing the homeowner to constantly run out of water. This limits how many showers, loads of laundry, toilet flushes, etc… can be accommodated making simple day to day chores impossible.

Bennett and Cole can design a customized water harvesting system. These systems harvest the water and store it in tanks when you don’t need it. Them when requested, the stored water is available for use. This allows for a number of benefits.

  • Eliminates need to drill new well at a much higher cost
  • Provides protection of pump so it won't run dry hastening its failure
  • Inventories water so you can use water when you need it, not when the well can yield it.
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The Water Pump

the heart of any water system.

The Pump is the heart of any water system. Without it you cannot get water into your home or business. Bennett and Cole is a  full service company proud to offer service, installation and repair of pump systems with 24 hour emergency service.  We will insure you and your family will have water back in your home as soon as possible with a minimum inconvenience.  

Services we offer:

  • Jet pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Storage tanks
  • Booster systems
  • Pressure tanks
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Well locating.

 Your job is never too small or large for our time

  • From residential to commercial jobs, we can handle all of your service and repair needs.
  • For your convenience, emergency service is also available 7 days a week.

Bennett and Cole can also upgrade an existing system.

Every well water system is different.  Bennett and Cole will evaluate your existing well, understand your needs and concerns, then provide a no cost, no obligation estimate to meet those goals within your budget.  

We are here to offer you the most affordable, sound advice, not sell you products or services you may not need.

Sometimes, by replacing outmoded components of your old system, you can achieve optimal result for substantially less than the price of a brand new system.

Call Bennett and Cole today for a free no obligation estimate on a system that can help you overcome what you thought was a problem with no solution.