Bennett and Cole provides water testing and treatment services to Fairfield County Connecticut (CT), Litchfield County Connecticut (CT), and Westchester County New York (NY).
Bennett and Cole was founded by Jim Bennett & Jeff Colasante, both veteran professionals with 30 years of combined experience in water softeners and water filtration.

Our certifications include:

We Carry The Top Brands Including:
  • Fleck Control Heads
  • Pentek Filter Housings and Filter Media
  • Clack tanks and Filtration media
  • Purolite Softening Resins
  • Flexcon Tanks
  • Stenner Pumps
  • Neptune UV Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bennett & Cole
Is Your Best Resource

How common are water problems in this region?
Point your mouse at the maps (left) to find common water problems in your area. The listings represent the company’s service areas in Litchfield and Fairfield Counties in Connecticut. Water problems are caused by natural contaminates and man-made pollutants in the soil that leach into well water and reservoirs. Proper treatment by Bennett and Cole controls water quality.

Who is Bennett & Cole?
The company was founded by Jim Bennett and Jeff Colasante, both veteran professionals with 30 years of combined experience in water treatment. Each has worked for a leading company that develops water treatment systems. Jeff heads up customer service. He performs water testing and consults with customers on their water problems. Jim heads up the technical side of the business by designing and installing systems. He also diagnoses and repairs existing systems. Jim holds a J-1 plumbing contractor’s license and specializes in water treatment technology.

What special certifications does the company hold?

Connecticut Well Water Association Certification - The company is professionally certified for analyzing and treating well water throughout Connecticut.

Better Business Bureau - Bennett and Cole is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Water Quality Association - An international trade association WQA represents the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. WQA delineates different aspects of the water industry and serves consumers, government, and industry members through education, product testing and information communication.

Rutgers University Radon Mitigation Proficiency Course - Bennett and Cole has successfully completed the Radon Mitigation Course at Rutgers University specializing in the installation of systems to mitigate radon in water.

What makes Bennett & Cole different?
The company was founded on superior customer service and excellent technical knowledge and application. It takes a professional approach to design and install the right water treatment system to provide you with safe, clean water for years to come.

Does the company offer free water testing?
Yes. Any field test that can be performed right at your property is included in the free testing service. There is no charge for field testing. However, modest fees are charged if laboratory testing is required, for example, radon in well water. Call for more information.

What manufacturers are recommended?
Bennett and Cole only uses the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the water treatment industry. All products are made in the U.S.A. Some of the well-known brands we have partnered with are Fleck Control Heads, Pentek Filter Housings and Filter Media, Clack Tanks and Filtration Media, Purolite Softening Resins, Flexcon Tanks and Stenner Pumps, Neptune UV Systems. The company uses the best and most durable equipment available for your system to assure great water in your home or business for many years. That is why we offer the best warranty program available.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
This is an indicator that hydrogen sulfide gas might be present in your water. A simple free field test from Bennett and Cole will determine the best way to treat this contaminant and remove it.

Why do I have whitish scale and deposits around my faucets and shower head?
This is an indication of hardness in water, due to high levels of calcium. High calcium is a common problem in well water where there are natural deposits of limestone. We offer a free field test to determine your water’s calcium content and hardness level. Proper treatment eliminates it and stops scale build-up inside and outside your plumbing.

Why do I have orange rusty stains in my sinks and toilets? Plus my water tastes like metal.
These symptoms indicate there is a certain level of iron in your water. A free field test will determine what type of iron it is and the best treatment option to remove it.

I have green stains in my shower and sinks, and sometimes my water tastes sour. I’ve also had pinhole leaks in my plumbing. What’s wrong?
Your plumbing is exhibiting classic signs of exposure to acidic water or low pH. Green stains are a result of acidic water corroding your copper pipes, leading to pin hole leaks and sour taste. A free field test will tell us your pH level, and allow us to design a treatment to protect your pipes.