Check for these problems

Well water can cause red stains on sinks, bath and shower fixtures due to ferrous iron and sand, and smell like rotten eggs. Get water tested and treated by water filtration systems from Bennett and Cole.
Iron, Sand and Odor Problems: A nuisance for well owners, iron discolors water. It tastes like metal and smells like rotten eggs. Sand and
sediment harm appliances, boilers and plumbing.
Signs: Unsightly stains on porcelain fixtures. Sand collects in tubs and in faucet screens. House water pressure drops. Pump repairs in appliances and boilers.
Acid water eats away at pipes and can be eliminated with water filtration systems for home and business.
Acid Water Problem: Acid water eats away at copper pipes, causing expensive plumbing repairs. Fabrics can discolor during wash cycles.
Signs: Copper pipes spring pin hole leaks. Red, green,or blue water stains appear on fabrics. Laundry room flooring discolors.
Concerned about Radon? Radon in well water can be detected by testing and treated with a radon mitigation system.
Radon Problem: A health hazard, radioactive radon gas occurs throughout this region. It’s often found in wells, both in cluster areas and randomly.
Signs: Because it is invisible and odorless, only testing can detect it. Risks increase when taking a shower, as radon gas is released into the air.
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Water Filtration Systems

Good Water For Health, Taste and Safety

Systems For Home and Business

We design and install water filtration systems that remove common contaminants which naturally occur in private well water, or occasionally in public water systems.

  • For homes, we assure every drop your family drinks is safe and tastes good. We also remove contaminants like sand and iron that cause stains and ruin heating systems and pumps in appliances.
  • For business, we assure your water supply meets the proper water specifications for your commercial processes or operations. We improve water taste for commercial food services.
Free Testing and Consultation

We start by finding out what is in your water. There is no charge for our initial visit. We perform field testing, compare results with EPA and other water standards, and discuss the results with you.

  • Water tests performed on site are free.
  • Lab tests, which require independent analysis, require a modest fee.

To correct problems, your final system design depends on your water. Technology options include automatic filters; solution feeders; reverse osmosis drinking water systems that remove major contaminants; activated carbon systems for taste, odor and chlorine removal; acid neutralizers for moderate/low pH correction; and ultra-violet light to disinfect microbes without using chemicals.

Common Water Contaminates
Acid Water             Arsenic             Bacteria            Chemicals
Chloramines             Chlorine              Hydrogen Sulfide
Lead           Manganese           Methane           Nitrate           Radon Gas
Sediment          Sulfur          Tannin          Turbidity          Uranium