Check for these problems

Hard water ruins the appearance of bathrooms fixtures, faucets and shower heads. Bennett and Cole tests and treats hard water with a water softener system.
Bathroom Stains: Hard water ruins the appearance of bathroom fixtures.
Signs: Beige, crusty stains on shower heads and
faucets. Orange discoloration on porcelain sinks and tubs.
Hard water prevents clear rinsing of detergent and soap. Bennett and Cole can test your water and treat it with a water softening system.
Cloudy Glassware: Hard water prevents crystal clear rinsing of detergent and soap.
Signs: Glassware has a grey sheen right out of
the dishwasher. Streaks on china and silverware.
People with hard water often complain about not feeling clean or having dry skin. Bennett and Cole can test your water and treat it with a water softener system.
Bathing Problems: Hard water adversely affects bath and shower water.
Signs: Minimal lather with soaps and shampoos.
Soap residue doesn’t easily rinse away. Complaints of dry skin are common.
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Water Softener Systems

Say Goodbye to Hard Water
and Live Comfortably

Home and Business Systems

We design and install water softener systems to treat hard water for both residential and commercial operations. Although not harmful to health, hard water creates scaling that increases energy use. It reduces significantly the life of heating and hot water equipment. Avoiding repeated repairs and heating system replacement can make water softening systems cost effective.

Free Testing and Consultation

We start by testing your water. All hard water testing is conducted on-site. You know the test results right away. There is no charge for this visit.

  • On-site testing for hard water is free.

What if hard water is not your problem? Rest assured we will identify what’s wrong with your water. As a full service water treatment company, we’re experienced specialists in every phase of water treatment. In some cases, independent lab analysis may be required and a modest lab fee is charged.

Hard Water Causes and Results

Hard water is a troublesome nuisance that causes many complaints. It makes hygiene difficult as soaps and shampoos don’t lather properly. Rinsing also feels ineffective, so it’s hard to feel clean. Some people complain of dry skin. Poor laundry and dishwasher results are often cited. Scaling problems in water heating equipment are common.

Our softener systems neutralize calcium and magnesium ions which commonly cause hard water problems. In some cases, iron, aluminum, and manganese can also contribute to your problems. To learn the source of your hard water condition, call for our free sample testing service.